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Goodbye, My Friend. I Will Love and Miss You Always

When you grow up in a small town, it’s hard to have only one best friend. Instead, it’s more like being part of a big, rowdy, slightly dysfunctional family that’s filled with lots of brothers, sisters and cousins who gently and sometimes not so gently bump into each other. You take risks, soar and fall,... Read more »

Holidays & The Broken Family: When Thanksgiving Is Goodbye

Holidays & The Broken Family: When Thanksgiving Is Goodbye
The holiday: Thanksgiving. The year: 2002, three months after I had started dating the guy who would become my husband. I had taken the Amtrak train from NYC to DC for what I’d hoped would be a peaceful day with my mother, brother, and his family. But, as always, I was apprehensive. For our entire relationship, things rarely... Read more »

Keeping A Promise

About two years ago, after leaving a job that had tremendous potential but not much else, I picked up a laptop and started writing. I loved to write as a kid, but after seeing and experiencing so many horrors, and then being told they never happened, I guess you could say I lost my voice.... Read more »