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Chicago Teachers Strike: Resources for Families

Wow, what a tumultuous night for Chicago families, teachers and city leaders. As more information about the negotiations comes out, it gets harder to determine who’s to blame. Schools without air-conditioning or libraries, teachers working longer hours and feeling inadequately compensated, a city that’s basically bankrupt, a need for reform that includes teacher evaluations; no... Read more »

"Boys Will Be Boys" is a Load of Crap

"Boys Will Be Boys" is a Load of Crap
I’ve been to three kids’ events recently and the same thing has happened at each: the boys have been totally out of control. I’ll give you an example: at a birthday party, I watched in shock as a six-year-old boy happily shoved, punched, slammed, and pulverized the children around him while his mom chatted breezily... Read more »

Sex & the Married Mom

Oh, what a week!  I appeared on HuffPost Live not once but twice since Tuesday, and I have a new piece out today on the hottest lifestyle website for women, Cheeky Chicago, about married sex. Put a fork in me, friends, ’cause I’m just about kaputski. Here’s a snippet of the article, which is all about the... Read more »