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The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Crisis Deepens: Where the Heck is Rahm?

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Crisis Deepens: Where the Heck is Rahm?
If you ever want to observe a city in crisis, come to Chicago and watch the tragedy unfolding in Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the third largest school district in the country. On May 22, 2013, we learned the School Board voted to close 54 schools and hundreds of teachers (850) would be laid off. Only weeks... Read more »

Deleted Paula Deen Video Apology HERE

If you feel want to see an incredibly pathetic apology, look no further than the Paula Dean video released this afternoon in response to her being busted for making racist comments. Actually, in the 20 minutes it took me to write this article, the video has been removed – everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except TMZ... Read more »

Best Week Ever? Not Exactly

Discovering 3 of my posts made ChicagoNow's top 20 list and that I had the 3rd most read blog of the week.
Sometimes, a gal’s week  — and life, for that matter — don’t go exactly how she planned. Take a look. [photo credit:]

What's Wrong With Twerking? 33 Girls Suspended at Scripps Ranch High School

In San Diego this week, a group of girls from Scripps Ranch High School were suspended for “twerking” on school property. In case you’re living in a cave, like I apparently have been, you may not be familiar with this phenomenon. So what is twerking? It’s when a person, usually a woman, rapidly shakes her hips... Read more »

Bribing My Kid With Cash: Brilliant or Misguided?

Do you know how you sometimes make a decision about your kid and think – wow, this is either amazingly brilliant or I’m totally screwing this child up for the rest of her life? Well, that’s the situation I’m in now, and it all started with a piggy bank that digitally counts the amount of... Read more »

Beyoncé Lip-Synced at Obama Inauguration: Who the Hell Cares

Beyoncé Lip-Synced at Obama Inauguration: Who the Hell Cares
The true scandal behind Obama’s Inauguration has emerged, and no, it’s not Michelle Obama’s eye roll courtesy of John Boehner or Sasha Obama’s yawn. Word has it that Beyoncé lip-synced all or part of the national anthem. Holy shit. Now I’d like to say that people who are upset about this need to get a life. I mean, really, who cares that... Read more »

Elizabeth Banks Says Two Kids Really Make You a Mom

The Internet is hopping today after actor and mom Elizabeth Banks was quoted as saying the following in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, “You don’t realize how easy one is until you have two. Now I’m really a mom. Oh, I am a mom now! This is for serious — I am responsible for two... Read more »

What Obama Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

I know, I should be happy. President Barack Obama is not sexist. He does not have binders full of women. And our country recently elected its greatest number of women senators, 20 to be exact. So why does the news today that Obama’s newly chosen economic advisors and inner circle are dominated by men make so... Read more »

Mom's Big Adventure - Right Along with the Kiddo

I rocked my twenties, big time. During that adventurous decade, I joined the Peace Corps, living abroad for almost four years and sowing my non-royal oats all around Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Then I became a mom and now my passport is a dusty artifact at the bottom of my closet. Recently, though, things... Read more »

Whole Foods Is An Organic 7-Eleven

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately at a big Whole Foods not too far from my apartment here in Chicago. It’s got a cozy atmosphere, yummy black tea, and Wifi decent enough to set me up for a productive work day. Yesterday, I arrived a few minutes early for a meeting in their... Read more »