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Jenny McCarthy & How Autism Forces Women Back to the Home

Last night before heading to bed, my newsfeed started to fill up with angry comments about what was purported to be Jenny McCarthy’s recent statements in a Time article about her son not having autism and her new stance on vaccinations. Curious, I clicked over to, signed up as a new subscriber (of course they put that article behind... Read more »

My Home Is Starting to Look Like a Man Cave

I’ve done it again. I have betrayed all of womankind, this time because of how I am decorating – or choosing not to decorate – the first home my husband and I have ever purchased. What is it about buying and fancying up a place that has me feeling like I am failing in so... Read more »

A Funeral, An Estrangement & An Iced Tea

Plaster, chipped paint and dust particles that linger in overheated air before settling onto the plastic sheets covering every surface – for the past two weeks this has been my home, the first place that’s ever had my name on the title. I have to apologize to every person who has shared his or her... Read more »

Seasonal Affective Disorder: 7 Tips That Might Actually Work

Hello Darkness my old friend. That’s the verse that popped into my head earlier this week, as I finally admitted that I’m back in the tunnel again. I came up with the word ‘tunnel’ years ago to describe how I feel from September until January, when the days are bitterly cold, nightfall comes too soon... Read more »

Women Are Having Anal Sex for All the Wrong Reasons

Anna Breslaw, a sex editor for Cosmo, interviewed what she calls two “anal sex enthusiasts” in an online article that was published November 14, 2013. Here’s what these modern, empowered backdoor enthusiasts had to say about inserting a man’s erect penis into their teeny tiny anuses. “I usually only do it when drunk and if trying to... Read more »

Turning 40: The First and Best Day of the Rest of My Life

Turning 40: The First and Best Day of the Rest of My Life
Every time I’ve told someone I’m turning forty this week, I can tell I get a funny look on my face. I never thought I’d say this, but I am psyched about forty. Nervous, of course, that all the good – or at least employable – years are behind me and nervous about the way... Read more »

Techweek Chicago Pic Shows How Women LOVE Wearing Bikinis to Conferences

Techweek Chicago Pic Shows How Women LOVE Wearing Bikinis to Conferences
What a wonderful photo from this year’s exciting and groundbreaking Techweek Chicago 2013. Yet again, the technology community is showing that men and women are equals. Objectification? Phooey. Sexism? Get over yourself. In fact, ladies, let’s admit it. This is what we want. We’re asking for it! We want to be judged by how we... Read more »

Surviving Abuse is Only the Beginning: Double Victimization

“Get over it.” “It wasn’t that bad.” “It was worse for me.” “You just want pity.” “You’re a liar.” After surviving a childhood filled with abandonment, neglect and abuse at the hands of my family members and their partners, I thought I’d seen it all. I mean really, after you’re forced to live with a... Read more »

Chicago Author & Playwright Keely Flynn Talks About Life Beyond the Picket Fence

I am so thrilled to share the Q&A I recently conducted with Chicago author and playwright, Keely Flynn. With a number of successful plays behind her and a book in the works, Keely is showing that yes, even married moms can rock the artistic world. See here how she compares buying a home to having a baby, why 20 and 30- somethings... Read more »

Maria Kang, Matt Walsh and The Photo That Sparked a War

Dear Matt Walsh, I was quickly disheartened as I read your letter to the “Haters of America” this morning. Apparently, you have concluded that anyone who has criticized Maria Kang this week – after a controversial photo of her posing half naked went viral online – are “thin-skinned, jealous, and spiteful” assholes who have nothing... Read more »