And the New Social Media Editor Is...

How do you say goodbye to a community that has hoisted you onto its shoulders for the past three years? Embraced you, challenged you, inspired you, and impacted your life in a genuine and irreversible way?

In July of 2011, I began this blog on ChicagoNow. My early posts were filled with cute and semi-engaging stories. Soon after, thanks to incredible readers, my ChicagoNow family and my wonderfully supportive hubby and kiddo, I opened up and took some risks. I shared more of my silliness, my heartache and my opinions on important issues. I told stories of crazy neighbors, cozy contests, absurd injustices and of wounds that will never heal. I learned how to be a more confident leader at Families in the Loop and in my other digital media endeavors.

Best of all, I discovered that likes and tweets and comments and Facebook posts can make a difference. Some of my most rewarding moments as a writer have been when readers have reached out to me privately to say, “Your words touched me.” Some of my biggest lessons as a social media pro have occurred when commenters have reached out to me publicly to say, "You are an idiot." Through my work here on ChicagoNow, I found my real, raw and imperfectly perfect voice, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Now that we’ve gotten the sad stuff out of the way, are you ready for some insanely fantastic news? On June 16, I will begin my new appointment as the Social Media Editor for CBS Chicago.

CBS Chicago's first Social Media Editor, circa 1980 #tbt

CBS Chicago's first Social Media Editor, circa 1980 #tbt

Each and every day I will do what I absolutely love, which is share news stories, delve deep into Chicago's difficulties and accomplishments and collaborate with an inspiring team of distinguished news professionals. I will help foster strong relationships between CBS and the community, while exploring how national and global issues impact us right here at home. I am psyched, I am nervous, and I am more than ready for what’s to come.

Of course, I’m taking you along for the ride. Come hang with me on Facebook and Twitter. You know the drill; we’ll laugh, we’ll debate and we’ll share our hopes and fears. You’ll tell me when I’m on to something or when I’m totally off my rocker. We’ll continue to challenge each other and grow, just as we’ve always done. Who knows, maybe we’ll even change the world. I’m ready to take the next step. I hope you are too.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for three years of pure and absolute joy. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next. See you over at CBS!

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