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Girls Season Three: Flawed & Self-Absorbed

Girls Season Three: Flawed & Self-Absorbed
I participated in a HuffPost Live segment about HBO’s “Girls” yesterday, where I learned it may soon become illegal in every state to criticize the show or its creator Lena Dunham. But I’ll take the risk, because someone has to dispel the notion that pointing out the flaws of this important and groundbreaking series means... Read more »

God I Hate My Body

God I Hate My Body
I know, I’m not supposed to say that I hate my body. I’m supposed to say that at 40 I’m learning to love my body. Or I’m so proud that my body was able to produce a new life. But the truth is, I really hate my body. Not the inside. I’m happy with how... Read more »

In Defense of the Parents at Grant Achatz's Alinea

In case you missed the baby-inspired brouhaha of the week, allow me to fill you in: Grant Achatz, superstar chef of Alinea, found himself in a pickle on Saturday night when a couple’s unruly infant cried during the restaurant’s dinner service. Alinea happens to be one of America’s most celebrated restaurants, where you too can enjoy... Read more »

Disney's Frozen Fails Because All Girls Want a Prince, Says The Atlantic

I’m not a Disney fan. In fact, I wouldn’t shed a tear if everything Disney-related on this plant shriveled up into a teeny tiny ball that I could then stomp on until it became a flat little pancake with some Disney prince’s smushed up face on it. You get it. Disney is not my thing,... Read more »

Jenny McCarthy & How Autism Forces Women Back to the Home

Last night before heading to bed, my newsfeed started to fill up with angry comments about what was purported to be Jenny McCarthy’s recent statements in a Time article about her son not having autism and her new stance on vaccinations. Curious, I clicked over to, signed up as a new subscriber (of course they put that article behind... Read more »