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My Home Is Starting to Look Like a Man Cave

I’ve done it again. I have betrayed all of womankind, this time because of how I am decorating – or choosing not to decorate – the first home my husband and I have ever purchased. What is it about buying and fancying up a place that has me feeling like I am failing in so... Read more »

A Funeral, An Estrangement & An Iced Tea

Plaster, chipped paint and dust particles that linger in overheated air before settling onto the plastic sheets covering every surface – for the past two weeks this has been my home, the first place that’s ever had my name on the title. I have to apologize to every person who has shared his or her... Read more »

Seasonal Affective Disorder: 7 Tips That Might Actually Work

Hello Darkness my old friend. That’s the verse that popped into my head earlier this week, as I finally admitted that I’m back in the tunnel again. I came up with the word ‘tunnel’ years ago to describe how I feel from September until January, when the days are bitterly cold, nightfall comes too soon... Read more »