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Where Have All the Blow Jobs Gone?

I’m lazing around Facebook this morning, avoiding all of the work I have to do, when suddenly I stumble into a serendipitous conversation with a gal pal about another type of labor, commonly referred to as the blow job. You remember giving head, right? It’s the activity you tolerated and perhaps even enjoyed early on... Read more »

Why Don’t Moms Like Their Daughters These Days?

I’ve noticed a puzzling trend among my mom friends and our daughters recently that has me a bit freaked out. I see it over cocktails, at Ladies Nights Out, on Facebook, at birthday parties and even at school pick up. I see it on play dates, when our girls are right there in the room.... Read more »

FYI, Kimberly Hall: Those Girls Are a Reflection of You and Me

On Friday, I vowed to myself that I would no longer waste my time engaging in useless debates on Facebook. That vow was promptly broken yesterday after reading a post titled “FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)” by Kimberly Hall, Director of Women’s Ministry at a Presbyterian Church in Texas. In this short piece that set the... Read more »