Wendy's Sex Challenge: Can You Do "It" 3 Times In A Week?

Wendy's Sex Challenge: Can You Do "It" 3 Times In A Week?

“I got my first vibrator when I was 17. I love the Lelo,” says a woman I’ve never met before.

“Really? I haven’t tried that one yet,” I respond enthusiastically. “I’m still pretty new to the sex toy world.”

This is just one of the very enjoyable exchanges I had while attending a networking dinner for women entrepreneurs last week. Before the second glass of wine had been poured, we’d wrapped up a relatively interesting discussion about digital technology to talk about a whole different type of broadband.

As we giggled and shared the challenges of keeping relationships hot after years of monogamy and kiddos, I came to one inevitable conclusion: it is definitely time for another sex challenge.

Why, you ask? Because we need it. We’ve gotten boring again, Ladies. Boring, I tell you. I know what you’ve been up to. You gave your fella a treat for Father’s Day this past weekend and then told yourself that you’re in the clear for at least the next four days, five if you manage to pick a fight with him on Thursday for not folding the laundry.

Well forget about it. Not this week. This week you’re joining me and a bunch of other women for a friendly little competition that we do every once in a while to remind ourselves that we are more than moms, worker bees, laundresses and short order cooks. We might wear our gym clothes all day and forget to pluck/wax our eyebrows for a month, but we are still sex goddesses. Make that highly competitive sex goddesses.

So it’s time to have some fun. Share this article with a bunch of your girlfriends and ask them to join the Sex Challenge (see, I even used capital letters so it looks fancy and official). If you're a guy, casually leave this article open on your home computer. For you lazy bums, I even drafted an email that you can send to your pals.

Dear Fabulous Friends,

This wacky gal who writes about relationships, Wendy, is holding another Sex Challenge. She says it’s her way of doing good for the world, because women who have yummy orgasms are happier, more productive members of society. The rules are simple: intercourse with your honey, three times, by next Monday, 9:00 PM CST (ha-ha, East Coasters, we’re operating on Chicago time).

Wendy and lots of other couples took the Sex Challenge back in the fall and holy crapoli, did it turn out great. In fact, one woman said her husband screamed out the name “Wendy” when he climaxed, as a way of thanking her for helping him reconnect physically to the love of his life. Please note that saying the name "Wendy" during orgasm is definitely not a requirement.

Are you in? Sex three times in one week. C’mon; turn off the dang iPad, Candy Crush and Real Housewives and let’s do this. Our vaginas (and our partners) will thank us.



Get in there, women of the world, and do us proud. And in case you’re still on the fence, take a look at this hubby’s response when his wife told him the Sex Challenge is back.

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