Deleted Paula Deen Video Apology HERE

If you feel want to see an incredibly pathetic apology, look no further than the Paula Dean video released this afternoon in response to her being busted for making racist comments. Actually, in the 20 minutes it took me to write this article, the video has been removed - everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except TMZ (whom I typically consider to be the devil’s spawn). Take a looksy.

Sad, right? Here is what I imagine took place. First hair, then makeup and then Paula trying to utter a few sentences about black people without the N word accidentally falling out of her mouth. In the video, she states "I beg for your forgiveness," yet she never even says specifically what she’s apologizing for.

Here is a second apology video on YouTube, unedited. Same thing. Deen does not make specific mention of what she's done wrong. She does, however, make a few comments that lead me to believe she's a total narcissist.

Why was Paula Deen's edited video apology on YouTube deleted? My guess is that while she may have looked genuinely upset, you get the sense she's more distraught about the fallout than the mistake itself. What I’d like to see are the parts of her apology that were deleted. Did she rationalize her behavior, saying it’s a Southern tradition, black peoples’ fault, or I hope this doesn’t cost me my multimillion dollar empire?

My lord, it’s not a great week to be Paula Deen. Today, a judge in Georgia found her to be in contempt of court for failing to hand over a blooper reel that allegedly contains evidence of Deen talking about “coochies” and performing a sex act on a chocolate éclair. She's been fighting the release of that tape for months.

Maybe Deen isn't a bad person. As we all know, everyone makes mistakes and says things they regret. But Deen needs to own up to her hate and not look like my old dog did after she took a big stinky poop on the rug. Let's be frank here, I doubt Deen would have even come forward had it not been for the lawsuit.

First she poisons our bodies with her fatty, unhealthy food and now we discover there’s poison coming out of her mouth as well. If that apology is the best she can do, perhaps she should find a new line of work, one that is out of the public eye.

Update: At 5:45 PM EST, Huffington Post reports that the Food Network has fired Deen after racism scandal. Read more here.

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