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Follow the garbage truck to Wendy’s house: How my shame stil lingers

“Follow the garbage truck to Wendy’s house” is the refrain an old classmate would use to refer to my home growing up. For years, a large cluster of trash sat in the upper part of the driveway, right under my bedroom window. In front of it sat a dead, dark red Chevy Cavalier that we had... Read more »

Best Week Ever? Not Exactly

Discovering 3 of my posts made ChicagoNow's top 20 list and that I had the 3rd most read blog of the week.
Sometimes, a gal’s week  — and life, for that matter — don’t go exactly how she planned. Take a look. [photo credit:]

Mother's Day When You Don't Have a Mom

Only two days to go until Mother’s Day, a holiday that evokes, at least for me, both joy and sadness. The joy came in 2006, when I gave birth to my daughter. That was when Mother’s Day became My Day, a nationally sanctioned opportunity to buy whatever I want for myself, eat an overabundance of... Read more »

What's Wrong With Twerking? 33 Girls Suspended at Scripps Ranch High School

In San Diego this week, a group of girls from Scripps Ranch High School were suspended for “twerking” on school property. In case you’re living in a cave, like I apparently have been, you may not be familiar with this phenomenon. So what is twerking? It’s when a person, usually a woman, rapidly shakes her hips... Read more »