Your Nanny Lets Your Kid Eat Dirt: Facebook & The Mommy Wars

For better or worse, I'm on Facebook a lot throughout the day. And while I’m no social scientist, I’ve noticed that ever since Sheryl Sandberg's book came out, many women I know, love and admire are engaging in keyboard-to-keyboard Mommy War combat. Here are two typical conversations:

Convo #1

convo 3

Convo #2

convo 6

As I observe battles like these being waged every day on Facebook and read more about the turbulent history of the women’s movement, I’m starting to wonder if the biggest obstacle standing in the way of women is…  women. We judge, we criticize and we rip each other to shreds. We’re often driven by jealousy and our own insecurities. And while we beat each other up and pull each other down, what is required of the men around us? Nothing. They stand by silently and watch our mud slinging.

Will women, especially women engaged in useless Mommy Wars on Facebook, get our act together? From the looks of these heated conversations, I say the answer is no, not any time soon.

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