What Obama Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

Obama and Women

I know, I should be happy. President Barack Obama is not sexist. He does not have binders full of women. And our country recently elected its greatest number of women senators, 20 to be exact. So why does the news today that Obama’s newly chosen economic advisors and inner circle are dominated by men make so depressed?

Maybe I’m a bit frazzled because of the news that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Sure, they’ve only been together less than a year. Sure, she’s still technically wedded to someone else and her career was launched through what was probably a not accidental leaking of a sex tape. That’s not what’s getting to me. What’s bothering me about both the Kim and Obama situations is the realization that I know more about what’s going on in a stranger's uterus than I know about my very own government. Go on, ask me about what Kim wore for New Year’s Eve in Vegas. I’ll tell you. It was slutty. Now ask me just about anything about the fiscal cliff debacle. Hmm. Let me take a guess here. It was slutty?

I wish I could say I’ll never read celebrity gossip again, but I really need to know what happens with Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy, who recently announced they’re divorcing after a whopping two years of marriage. Apparently, according to the very credible sources I read online, she is demanding child support even though she’s worth an estimated $50 million. Hubby, if you read this, which I hope you don't because I've been desperately hiding my gossip addiction from you, please know I would never ask you for child support if I have $50 million in a bank somewhere. What I think celebrity sites should do for idiots like me who can't stop following this stuff is add a sentence or two of important news right there on the page between pictures of Jessica Simpson’s and Princess Kate’s growing bellies. I’d so read that, at least for a little while.

I would really love to discuss this more, but one of my favorite new shows, Catfish, is getting started on MTV. Have you seen it? It’s about two white guys who help not as smart people find out if the men and women they’ve fallen in love with online are real or fake. Don’t worry, I’m almost sure that this show is not directly destroying women's chances of receiving paid maternity leave. Whether we can say the same about the Real Housewives has yet to be determined. Which brings me to a thought, perhaps my first real one of the day: If we focused a little more time on critical issues, like gender equality, and a little less time on fame-starved attention seekers, wouldn't women and thus our society as a whole be better off? Wow, that’s a really deep question. Let me see what, if anything, the Kardashians have to say about this. You know Kim went to the Middle East, right?

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