Keeping A Promise

About two years ago, after leaving a job that had tremendous potential but not much else, I picked up a laptop and started writing. I loved to write as a kid, but after seeing and experiencing so many horrors, and then being told they never happened, I guess you could say I lost my voice.

But thanks to the love and support of one very special person - hubby - I found it again. And during those first few months of putting my thoughts on digital paper, I wrote the letter below. I’m sharing it again, since the feelings behind it only get stronger as time goes on.

How amazing is it that one relationship can transform a life forever.

To My Beloved,

I write this letter to you, at Starbucks (where else), where I am listening to our wedding song, Tracy Chapman’s The Promise. Who knew that in the span of seven years we would experience what already seems like a lifetime of love, friendship and yes, hard times. Family, health, career, marriage, friends, loss; it seems no part of our marriage has escaped life’s peaks and valleys.

(Hang on. Song ended. Restarting to continue sentimental/nostalgic vibe.)

Through each success and disappointment, each smile and tear, and through each time we’ve run away and found our way back, I remember Sept. 7, 2003. I will forever be grateful for the sweet and gentle love you have taught me I deserve, a love that surpasses all of the fulfilled, yet to be fulfilled and meant to be fulfilled promises we’ve made to each other.

Let’s have Tracy bring it home…

"Together again

It would feel so good to be

In your arms

Where all my journeys end

You can make a promise

If it’s the one that you can keep

I vow to come to you

If you wait for me"

All my love, now and forever,

Your Beloved,



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