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Oh, what a week!  I appeared on HuffPost Live not once but twice since Tuesday, and I have a new piece out today on the hottest lifestyle website for women, Cheeky Chicago, about married sex. Put a fork in me, friends, 'cause I'm just about kaputski. Here's a snippet of the article, which is all about the secrets we married moms are hiding from our non-mom friends about sex (or lack thereof) and life post-baby. Make sure you're not eating or drinking anything while you read this article - it might be considered a choking hazard.

Sex Secrets Your Married Mom Friends Won't Share

I’m obsessed with sex these days. Let me clarify. I’m obsessed with how my mama friends and I feel about sex and our bodies now that, at least for the most part, our baby-making days are behind us. What I’m discovering is not at all what I expected ten years ago, before marriage and motherhood.

Many of my friends and I dated and experienced most of our sexual adventures right around the height of the Sex and the City era. Oh, those were some heady days, especially for me, since I happened to be living smack in the middle of sex central, New York City. I didn’t know exactly what Samantha Jones was talking about when she declared that a woman could now have sex like a man, but there I was, fist-bumping every weekend, not waiting for the phone to ring, and reveling in my newfound freedom and power.

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