My Life, In Pajamas

Recently, hubby surprised me with some new sleepwear. Actually, I can’t exactly call it a surprise, since I watched him search the sleepwear section on after telling me he was tired of seeing me wear the same thing night after night. I wasn’t aware of the items he selected, however, so there you go – a surprise.

As hubby surfed for the intimate apparel that would provide comfort and cover (for me) and visual enjoyment (for him), I pictured all of the nighties, tees, and pajamas that have filled up my two bottom dresser drawers over the past three+ decades. What do they say about me and my nighttime personality? Let’s see.

The Tomboy

OK, so the baseball mitt is pushing it a bit, but yes, I slept in boys’ clothes all throughout my childhood. Whether the reason for this was that I was naturally a tomboy or that we were too broke to get me girl pajamas, I have no idea. But they did the trick, and I felt like a bad ass.

Pajama Dreams

Once I figured out there was something called a shopping mall and the mall had a store called Victoria’s Secret, I torched my bro’s old duds and opted for some cute nighties. I was convinced that if I went to bed in these clothes I would wake up looking like the girls who modeled them. Obviously, since I’m a short and well-endowed Jewish gal, that never happened. It worked for all of my tall, blond, gorgeous high school friends, though, which to this day still pisses me off a little.

The Naked Phase

I’m not quite sure exactly how this happened, but at some point in my 20s I decided it was important to feel comfortable naked. I think it was when I spent the summer living in Tel Aviv with a few other gals who convinced me that it was imperative for a woman to accept her body and feel empowered by her nakedness. It may have worked too well, because this phase lasted for years, even while I was freezing my butt off in Poland during my Peace Corps service. When I got back to the U.S., I freaked out an old friend by meeting her at the door wearing nothing but my birthday suit and a smile.

A Fashion Nosedive

I have to admit, over the past few years my sleepwear style has plummeted, and I’ve found myself wearing pieces you'd expect to see at a garage sale (the ones that are still left on the table at the end of the day). Sometimes I'll even wear the PJs out, like the gal in the pic here. Why the fashion meltdown, you ask? Maybe because after having a kid my only sleepwear requirement was that it not smell entirely like throw-up. And now, five years later, the truth is I've gotten a little lazy.

A New Era of Mom Pajamas

But all that has changed, thanks to a few quick clicks by hubby on I’m entering a new phase, and this is what hubby picked out to help get me started. It’s pretty nice, isn’t it? Grownup but not too much so, pretty but not cutesy, and actually comfortable to wear. What will this next era of sleepwear bring, both in and out of the bedroom? Will I go back to my lazy ways, or will I resurrect that sassy gal who didn't even need adornment to feel sexy? The old clothes are in a bag, ready to go to a new home. Whether they make it out the door is another matter entirely.

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