Busy Bee is So Not Me

Busy Bee is So Not Me

Here I am yesterday after my first Huffington Post video segment was canceled due to technical issues. Can someone tell me why I was so distracted the rest of the day that all I could do was try to take a picture of myself with my camera phone? I’m embarrassed to tell you how long it took to figure out how to hit the button and smile all at the same time. Today will be better. I will be productive.

My distractions may also be a result of all of the blechy (I just made that word up) news I've received this week. No need to get into the specifics, just know I've gotten lots of news - and a big bunch of it was not what I'd been hoping for.  But that's the life of an entrepreneur, mom, friend, wife, etc., right? At least that's what I keep telling myself. And if you want to tell me that, too, I certainly won't mind. I wish I could be one of those people who let unexpected happenings roll off my back but I'm not. Instead, I let anything remotely less than perfect crush me like a wrecking ball.

But, along with the bad stuff came some good tidings and amazing opportunities. And my family is safe and healthy. So there. I'm not a totally negative person wallowing in a pool of my own self pity.

Here we go. I'm back on track. A new post, one that actually makes sense, is coming soon. Very soon. Very very soon. Ok, not that soon but soon enough.


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