Can Mama Get Her Groove Back: I've Hit The Wall

Can Mama Get Her Groove Back: I've Hit The Wall

It’s now day 19 of my Get Fit Challenge, and I’ve hit a wall.  A big one.  I haven’t delicately scraped up against this wall, either.  I’ve charged into it at 75 miles an hour.  Apparently, I’ve become a health-seeking crash-test dummy.

Problem #1: I’m hungry.

Let me rephrase that.  I’m hungry for carbs.  If you want to make me the happiest gal in all of Chicago, here’s what you do: Go to NYCBD and buy me a whole-wheat bagel.  Throw a stick of butter on it, toss it in my direction, and run away – quickly – before you get hurt (I’m a tad cranky when craving carbs).  If you presented me with a pound of cooked white rice or a free new pair of Jimmy Choo sandals, I can’t honestly say which I would lunge for first.

So, yes, my body is a calorie-burning machine.  But I have no idea how to keep it satiated.  Today a friend told me that I should eat more protein.  But I gotta tell you: I don’t want protein.  I don’t want meat, shakes, juice, salad, or anything else other than, you know, carbs.

Problem #2: I'm in physical agony.

Problem number two is that my body seems to be falling apart.  Earlier in the week I thought I’d caught a tummy bug.  Mid-week I was achy with what I presumed was the flu.  Fortunately, both issues resolved themselves pretty quickly, leaving me feeling not only like my body was a wreck but that my mind was headed in the same direction.

Yet with all of my ailments, real or imagined, I’m still working out.  And I have to admit that I think I might be seeing results.  The muffies (my new name for the muffin tops) are not as bouncy, and I even survived shopping for a new bathing suit.  Actually, bathing suit shopping proved less than uplifting, but I’m trying to keep it positive.

The last update for week three is a doozy and a huge step for me.  A couple of days ago, I did the dreaded spring wardrobe parade.  You know the one that I’m talking about – when you take out the warm-weather pants from the back of the closet, try them on, and feel depressed about the ones that still don’t fit.

This year I finally did something I’ve never been able to do before.  I took out the pants that are too tight and don’t look flattering, and I tossed them.  I should restate that.  I tried them on, felt badly about how I looked, and then decided that I’m done trying to meet an impossible goal.  Buh-bye, pants.  This year, I’m not telling myself that they’ll look good when I lose 3 to 4 pounds, because the truth is I’ll lose 3 pounds for a few seconds, and then I’ll gain 5 back.  I no longer need or want these pants hanging in the closet from April to September, taunting and torturing me.

Perhaps this 60-day Get Fit Challenge is changing my crappy attitude about my body.  Call it carb confusion, but I don't feel like punishing myself for not having the body I had in 2005.  And I’m ready to spend a few bucks on some new pants, ones that fit well and look good today.  Even with all of this week’s aches and pains, I don’t want to give up the chance to feel stronger, have more energy, and (is it possible?) love my body.

Any suggestions for how to help me push through this plateau?  Please share!

~Wendy Widom, Families in the Loop

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