Can Mama Get Her Groove Back? Days 1+2

Can Mama Get Her Groove Back?  Days 1+2

I’m in the first week of my 60-day get-fit program.  I have no plan and no trainer, and I refuse to get on a scale or measure anything.  At first I thought I’d follow two rules, no alcohol and no eating off of my child’s plate, but I broke both at Tavern on Rush yesterday (their kids grilled cheese is super yummy).  So now I’ve decided there are no rules either.

How’s the exercise component going?  Thanks for asking.  I’d love to say the last couple of days have been filled with joy and a beautiful mind/body reunion.  I’d love to say that I’m savoring each and every serotonin-raising second of my workouts.  Instead, here’s how the first day went.

7:00-7:05 am – Got on the treadmill and began to run at a decent pace.  Felt a smug sense of satisfaction that the next two months wouldn’t be so tough.

7:05.30 am – Major cramps in the abdominal area set in.

7:06 am – Switched to a fast walk with 2.5-lb hand weights.  Did a bunch of arm movements that my daughter will definitely be embarrassed by in a few years.

7:10 am – Arms too tired to continue.

And so it went.  I did everything I could to get through 40 minutes of cardio.  I increased the incline, sprinted, jogged, crouched, watched a rerun of Will & Grace – you name it.  Finally, by the mercy of some force in the universe greater than I (or perhaps just the unstoppable march of time), 40 minutes were up.

Did I feel fabulous?  No.  But I broke a sweat.  And it was a real sweat, with drips, for the first time in way too long.  And I worked out again yesterday, doing an hour on the bike.  Not exactly the most challenging workout, I know, but again there was sweating action.

I know what all of you health geniuses out there are saying.  I should have a plan.  I’m at greater risk of injury for doing it on my own.  I could get in shape more efficiently if I worked out with an expert and that it shouldn’t be a 60-day plan, but a lifetime plan.  Please, all you fitness buffs, know that I deeply admire and respect you when I say, “Phoooooooey!"  I’m doing things my way.

Now today, thanks to a recommendation by one of you, I’m doing Body Rock TV, where someone with a killer body will take me through a 20-minute workout that’s designed to give me a rock-hard butt.  I’m not looking forward to the pain, I have to admit, but am definitely ready for the gain – of muscle, that is.

What's helping you get the bod you want?  Please share your recs so I can try them out.

~By Wendy Widom, Families in the Loop


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  • It's so hard to get back on the treadmill after some time off! I just ordered Brazilian Butt Lift--I never buy things off tv, but I just got completely mesmerized by the infomercial. Hopefully it will deliver. I always feel that way on the treadmill in the first few minutes--all Rocky in my mind, then I start feeling ready to barf and want to give up. Good luck and keep going!

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    Thanks for the support, Amanda; I really appreciate it!! Brazilian Butt Lift - that sounds awesome... and a little scary. Why does it seem to be all about the butt lately?

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    well, i started slowly, just taking a walk around campus 1/2 because i can't walk more it's cause i don't want to get to that point where i was like this is "sickening" i began to incorporate stairwells, as many as i can in 3 different buildings..but i only do that 3 days out the week..just to switch it up..and i got a friend to walk with me and we chat as we go that makes it all the more nice..and i do it during my lunch hour. yeah i get a little sweaty but i clean up and change my clothes and believe it or not my clothes fits MUCH better and i have noticed some gradual changes in my flab...hahahaha

  • A running stroller! Takes the guilt away!

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