Yogini in Love

Yogini in Love

Being part of Families in the Loop has lots of perks. At the top of the list is the incredible group of Chicago professionals and business owners I’ve come to know over the past year. Each day they’re hard at work, achieving excellence in their industries and inspiring dreamy entrepreneurs like me to keep going.  So this month I’m dedicating the Families in the Loop blog to these Chicago superstars. And since it’s the month of love, I’ve added a twist. I have asked these experts to share how love has factored into their career choice. Was it love at first sight? How about a breakup? Find out here, all throughout the month of February. Parents, it’s time to recharge our career batteries with FITL’s “Live It - Love It” career series.

Yogini in Love

~By Stefanie Lester Coslow

To quote the Yoga Sutras, an ancient yogic text, “May yoga inspire us to find peace and joy within ourselves and to share the same with all humanity.”  This is exactly what I found in yoga and why I love teaching it.

I was introduced to yoga in 2009 by a close friend, and I immediately fell in love with the energizing physical workout, the detoxifying sweat, the fantastic community of encouraging, sincere people I met, and the way I felt afterward, both physically and mentally.  The practice recharged and refreshed me.

At the time, I had recently had my second child and was just settling into life as a full-time stay-at-home mom after having been laid off from a job I had held for 11 years.  As much as I loved my family, I was struggling to find my own identity.  And find it I did.  In fact, the more I learn about yoga and yogic philosophy, the more I realize how much of a yogini I truly am.

In 2011, I decided that I wanted to take my yoga practice to the next level.  I decided to learn to teach it in order to share what I love with others. After completing my training in May, I started teaching in June.

Becoming a yoga teacher has been a lot of hard work and hasn’t always been easy, but it has been an amazing journey and I love where it has taken me.  I have found a new source of confidence and my own voice, and I love the connection I make with my students.  I love teaching new students, introducing them to yoga and teaching them the postures and safe alignment.  I also love showing seasoned students something new in their poses, giving them that “aha” moment we all look for.

It’s a pleasure to give my students that peaceful and empowering escape from their everyday life, that one hour just for themselves.  Yoga allows you to do something healthy for your mind, body, and spirit, to decompress and get an amazing, detoxifying workout at the same time.  I love my students for the energy and inspiration they bring to me.  And when I know that I really did help someone or I receive some positive feedback, well, that’s just the cherry on top.

This new path, however wonderful, has also admittedly been hard on my family, and I’ve struggled with trying to balance all of my responsibilities.  I’m gone a lot of evenings and weekends, and it falls to my husband, who works hard all week, to take over at home.  It also breaks my heart when my kids ask, “Are you going to yoga again?”

So it’s not always perfect and it’s not always easy, and I couldn’t have done any of it without my amazing, supportive family.  However, I do believe that having something for myself, something I love, makes me a better person, a better wife, and a better mother.  It makes me stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally.

I’m not exactly sure where this path will lead me, but I’m enjoying the journey.  It’s my hope that by doing what I love, I’m setting an example for my children to do the same.

More About Stefanie

Stefanie teaches at CorePower Yoga throughout Chicago and can be found on the schedule as Stefanie C.  She is also available for private or corporate yoga classes.  Contact her at splcoslow@gmail.com.

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