One Mama, One Pole, One Disaster?

I’m going pole dancing. Yes, you read that right. I’m a 37 year old mother, a doctor’s wife, and a Chicagoan with a fancy masters degree gathering dust in my condo’s storage cubicle, and I’m going pole dancing on Thursday.

Why? Well, lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in a rut. Maybe it’s not so much of a rut as a comfort zone. A comfort zone so snug that I’m starting to ease into a coma. I’m hoping this pole dancing class (and I may be setting my expectations too high here, as I typically do) will ignite something in me I don’t feel so often. Sexy.

What is it about women with young kids? I take care of myself. I exercise, don’t eat too poorly (if you don’t count – literally, please don’t count – the honey wheat pretzels and Skinny Cows), visit the appropriate doctors once a year, floss, so why does the status quo tend to be a big LOW on the Mojo Meter for me and my mama gal pals?

During the single days, which actually weren’t that long ago, feeling sexy was a sport my buddies and I trained for, like the Olympics. Career, friends, clothes, travel, it was the fabulous life, even if we didn’t always see it as such. But was it really all that great? Even then, the finish line for so many of us was the alter – marriage, kids, security.

Well, most of us got what we wanted. And now here we are, looking for ways to feel fantastic again, to feel desirable and carefree. And while it might surprise you, even those of us in loving, happy, fulfilling relationships – with kids, and mortgages – feel the need to explore and challenge ourselves with new experiences. To get out of the comfort zone we so eagerly strove to get into.

Enter, pole dancing. It’s my way of breaking out of the mold, to see myself as someone other than Mom and Wife. Yes, I got married, and yes, I had a kid. But I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I still want to try bold, exciting and scary things – to soar, fall flat on my face and possibly learn something new about myself. So this class is what I consider the married version of that post-college backpacking trip through Europe. Daring, different, and more than a bit out of the comfort zone.

How will it go? Will I love it, or will I run away feeling completely foolish? Check in later this week to find out!

(If you're a mama who wants to join this class tomorrow, here's the link with more info.)

Wendy Widom, Families in the Loop

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  • Can't wait to read about the class in your next post. I'm not sure I'm ready for a pole dancing class, buty maybe I will be inspired by your experience :)

  • For the love of Mary and Joseph, we give women everything they want in life and then............they go out and dance like a stripper....

    Wendy, your husband and I need to have a beer, and based on this piece, looks like I'll be the one buying.

  • Darlin', take it from me- pole is a GREAT workout. ...So great I quit after 2 classes! :) Be sure to bring short shorts; you'll need to "grab" the pole with your innermost inner thighs. That said, my arms couldn't hold up the rest of my weight in that position, so there was some... er... chaffing. I wasn't into that, but I respect the strong women who can do it.

    Also, to the above- it's totally not stripper-esque in a workout environment. Girls show up without makeup in their sweats to burn calories. Do it and love it. :)

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