Fun and Fabulous Parenthood

Goose bumps. We’ve got goose bumps. And since we figure it can’t be from the weather (holy hotness) it must be because we’re so darn excited about our new Families in the Loop blog on ChicagoNow!

Like a lot of people out there, we’ve spent the last few years having some kids, hanging with the spouses, and having way too many conversations about breast milk and diaper rash. Now we’re back in the swing of things, better than ever, and getting into all sorts of trouble as we seek to have it all –family, friends, career and, if possible, more than our fair share of fun. 

Through our action-packed website and one-of-a-kind events, Families in the Loop is a springboard into the hottest scoop and hippest happenings for the parent-with-young-kids crowd. On our Families in the Loop blog, we’re going to mix it up with a little bit of "check this out" and a lot of "holy crap, can you believe this happened?" - a.k.a. our take on life with kids. We'll share the highs, the lows and just about everything in between.

How will it all shake out? Well, we hope that most days you’ll find us ridiculously fascinating, compelling, and perhaps even brilliant. On the very rare occasion (gulp of fear), you may tell us if we were any more off the mark we’d be on Mars.

But no matter what, here’s our promise: we’ll get you thinking, talking and looking at parenthood in a whole new, sexy, serious, lighthearted (yes, we know they contradict; see we’re already breaking the rules), and potentially amusing way. Why? Because we’re Families in the Loop, and we make parenthood fun and fabulous for urban moms and dads.

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  • So excited for this new blog. As both a Mom and a business owner in your target market, I tend to surf and learn...Please keep me laughing!! :)

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