Some thoughts from the #WomensMarch in Chicago today

1) Glad I wore comfy shoes. 2) An overwhelmingly large number of people. We stood by the Van Buren Paris Metro entrance for about twenty minutes, and watched a never-ending stream of folks go past us. Pretty impressive. 3) Not my kids’ first protest march. 4) Vast majority of folks we saw were white. More... Read more »

Roger and Roger and Me

My friend Roger died on Sunday. He was the second of my beloved Rogers to die within the span of a year. The first Roger was a scholar of William Blake. Also, apparently, a champion of barbecue. When I met him, he was long past both affectations. He was a crotchety old professor, about to... Read more »

Ringling Brothers is Closing.

For a couple of years of my life, I was a professional juggler. I was part of the carnival world. I worked with Carrie Heller’s Circus Arts and Jest For Fun Productions. I was never that great a performer, but the folks I worked with were amazing – and some of the relationships that I... Read more »

Mother Bowie

This weekend marked some significant days for me. Within 24 hours I pass through the date of my mother’s birth and David Bowie’s death. The fact is that these two events occupy similar bits of real estate in my soul. Bowie should feel complimented by that, but, then again, so should my Mom. Now that I think... Read more »

Jeanne Bishop's Long Journey to Forgiveness

This afternoon I went to a luncheon at the First Friday Club to hear a presentation by my friend Jeane Bishop. It was what I needed to hear. I have heard her speak many times before. I know her story, and we have had many one-on-one conversations. But every time I hear her message, I... Read more »

The Age of Accountability

This evening we celebrated my daughter’s seventh birthday. We went out to dinner at Medici, a local restaurant that we adore here in Hyde Park. We had pizza, and then split some ice cream. After, we went down to 57th Street Books, and both the kiddos got to pick out a couple of new morsels... Read more »

God-given or Market-driven?

I was doing laundry this morning downstairs in our apartment building. My daughter was with me. Today she is six. Tomorrow she will be seven. The building management recently remodeled the laundromat. The same creaky washing machines, of course. Only now, they are in a remodeled room with bright colors on the walls and a... Read more »

We're having a party. Invite the lamp.

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  I first saw this advertisement in a taxi cab. And like many taxi rides, I saw it about seven times before I reached my destination. By the second time around, I knew I wanted to write about it. It begins with a simple whistled tune. That old John Denver favorite, “Country Roads.” Your mind... Read more »

SCUPE and Seminary Education in the 21st Century

It’s not every day I get a hug in the crosswalk, but that happened yesterday evening. The hug was from my friend – and neighbor – Shanta Premawardhana. He’s a reverend. He’s a doctor. He used to pastor a church here in Hyde Park, not far from where the Obamas live. Then he went abroad... Read more »

Losing Carrie Fisher

This afternoon I went with my wife to a matinee of Rogue One. We held hands in the dark as we watched the story. We both shed tears at certain moments, because the whole film was just so good. For me, it did more even than The Force Awakens to rebuild my trust in the... Read more »