DIY Creative Custom Closets

DIY Creative Custom Closets
Center Shelving For Shoes

I hear a lot of women make this same statement, "I wish I had a walk-in closet."  So many women have lots of clothes, shoes and accessories but not enough space to store them.  Ladies there are a couple of ways to solve your problem of insufficient storage space.  If you have a small room somewhere in your apartment or home you can utilize that space to create your own custom closet.  You can have your favorite handyman, significant other or husband install several shelves for you.  You can store items such as your handbags or shoes on the shelves.  If you don't want the hassle of having too many holes drilled in the wall you can always purchase book shelves & use them to store your shoe boxes  (I did this & found 2 amazing 6 row book shelves from a used hotel furniture store).  You can paint this space in your favorite color palette or you can wallpaper it.  You can hang your clothes from the cutest hangers in vibrant colors and textures.  If you do not want built in racks you can always purchase clothing racks.  Again this is to avoid too many holes being drilled in the walls (especially if you rent an apartment).  You can fancy up your space with a cute shaggy rug right in the center of your closet space.  If your space is large enough you can also put a small chair or ottoman in your space.  You also have to be mindful of the lighting of your closet.  The lighting is everthing!  If you're a girly girl like me you may want to have a small chandelier hung from the center of your closet.  Don't forget to adorn this space with a mirror so that you can see just how fabulous you look wearing your favorite pieces!  I just want you all to think outside the box when it comes to creating your very own closet.  I hope the images help you come up with some awesome ideas to get you started on creating your custom closet.

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