The Smashing Pumpkins Benefit Concert For Matthew Leone Of Madina Lake on July 27, 2010

For more information and to contribute to the fund -



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  • metro sucks, they sent me confirmation for a ticket i drove ticket 6 1/2 hours. pick up your tickets at will call, confirmation no., metro employees asked to see my e-mail ticket and told me to get in line.

  • Wonderful photos, Barry. And a truly wonderful evening it was!

    To the previous poster...I'm sorry about your unfortunate experience. But from my standpoint, they were a pretty well oiled machine at the door letting people in...perhaps your confirmation email was a fake?

  • Yeah sorry to hear you had a bad experience as well. When I arrived at about 8:15ish there were still huge lines around the block and most were not inside before Kill Hannah was done. But I know Metro's owner Joe Shanahan stated on stage they were going to make sure everyone was in before the SP hit the stage. There seemed to be a enough room to fit anyone any walk-ins so surprised you couldn't get in.

  • Thanks Barb - the lighting was impossible but managed to get a few shots to share with everyone!


  • I didn't know the Karate Kid now drums for the Pumpkins?

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