George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Live in Chicago on February 12, 2010

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic live at the Cubby Bear. 


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  • These photos are nice - the Pfunk band looks weird - but the photos are nice!

  • And they are a bit unusual. But seriously would you expect anything different backing up George Clinton? They were quite a solid band and they better be since they dominate most of the show with and without George on the stage.

  • Wow! George "Atomic Dog" Clinton is still funkin' it up?!? Wow!!! He must be running on nuclear power or sumthin'!!! :-D

    On a serious note, I need to find one of his shows cuz I would be right there barking along with him! Givin' me more of what I'm funkin' for....feet don't fail me now!

  • You can go to his official website and see where you want to take that road trip to Funkadelica -

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