The man we fed.

The man we fed.

It's our second ChicagoNow Blogpalooz-Hour and I'm already late. At the last moment, before I started writing, I spotted my tape recorder and thought, Wouldn't it be neat if I did it as an audio file instead of a written story?

It's neat alright. It also takes much longer than anticipated to upload. And I'm not even sure if this is going to work when I hit publish.

But there it is, the link below, and if this doesn't work then my Blogapalooz-Hour #2 will quickly turn into a live help session between myself and Jimmy & Julie. And in that way, I will have received help, and I will have helped any readers who ever wanted to know how to embed an audio file.



*** 10:44 PM UPDATE ***

This link works on my phone, but not on my computer, because I need a different version of QuickTime, I think. Is it working on other people's computers?

CN Blogapalooz-Hour #2 Jack Silverstein 13-10-30


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  • it says page not found...i am so intrigued!

  • Does that work now?

  • Wow. You so deserve a shot out! Well said and you saved may say weird, but I say amazing!

  • In reply to Rhonda Stern:

    Thanks Rhonda! I appreciate your kind words.

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