Fan Cam: Bulls-Nets Game 4, Joscar Demby

Fan Cam: Bulls-Nets Game 4, Joscar Demby
Joscar Demby in his See Red Bulls tee.

BULLS FAN CAM, Game 4: Nets 134 @ Bulls 142 (3OT)
Joscar Demby, 24, Lisle

Chosen by Devin Demby

After four years of basketball at Millikin University, Joscar Demby (younger brother of Devin) now plays for the Chicago Muscle of the Premier Basketball League. He estimates that he watched about 80% of the Bulls games this season. Here is his take on the "instant classic" triple overtime Game 4.




After it was tied [at 70 in the third quarter], Brooklyn went on a run. It was frustrating. The Bulls were playing so well most of the game. We actually had the lead for a while, and all of a sudden we’re down like 12 points. Honestly, I thought the game was over.

And then C.J. Watson missed that wide-open dunk and we retrieved the ball and came down to score. I thought that helped us. We got another stop the next possession, and then that’s when Nate Robinson took over. Just making every basketball play you could wish for someone to make. It was outstanding. I’ve never seen a performance like that.

Nate Robinson, I kind of compare him to J.R. Smith. He has no conscious, especially in big moments. That’s what makes him great. He gets in a zone and thinks he can make every shot. When he gets going like that, I have all the confidence in the world that he’s going to make a shot and make the right play. Yeah, he gets a little antsy, but we need that energy. It keeps the whole team engaged.

And then Nate’s crazy shot to take the lead at the end of the first overtime…

When Nate did that runner, I didn’t know what to say. I thought it was a really off-balance shot, and I really thought it had no chance of going in. And it went in. The crowd went wild. I thought the game was over, even though Joe Johnson has been making big plays for them. When he got the ball on the other end, it was just a great hesitation move for that floater down the middle of the lane. Good defense, better offense.

Second overtime, similar to the first overtime. A lot of back and forth action. Nobody really broke it open. Just making plays, and then around the 1:20 mark we had a four-point lead. We were trying to sustain that, but then Joe Johnson made a jumper, got fouled, and made the free throw.

Third overtime, lots of back and forth. We go up by five with three minutes left off a Taj jumper. Nets call a time out. They come out and score the ball on the next possession. Luol hits another jumper. We’re staying around that five-point lead, and I could feel as the time was winding down that the Bulls were holding onto this lead this time.

Brooklyn wasn’t making the same plays that they were in the first two overtimes. And the Bulls just stayed above water. You could tell that both teams were tired, but the Bulls were still making enough effort plays and shots to win the game. Nazr Mohammad’s and-one layup was what sealed it.

So how are you feeling now up 3-1?

I think it’s over. I kind of sensed it when we took the 2-1 lead that we figured out Brooklyn. If Deron and Joe weren’t making shots and we stick to our defensive game plan, I really felt like they couldn’t make enough plays to beat us. This was a hard fought triple overtime game, and we still stuck to those principles in the end and pulled it out. I don’t see Brooklyn overcoming this.




Jack M Silverstein is a sportswriter for RedEye. His work has also appeared in Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. Say hey @readjack, and check out his RedEye column about Game 4.

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