Fan Cam: Bulls-Nets Game 3, Devin Demby

Fan Cam: Bulls-Nets Game 3, Devin Demby
Devin Demby, left, with Derrick Rose.

BULLS FAN CAM, Game 3: Nets 76 @ Bulls 79
Devin Demby, 25, Bolingbrook

Chosen by Marcus Turner

From 2006 to 2010, Devin Demby played basketball at Millikin University, sometimes doing things like this:

Demby watched Game 3 with his girlfriend, a Heat fan from Miami. “We go at it,” he says laughing while describing her. “We have our battles. She roots so hard for them and I root so hard for the Bulls. We’ve been going together for like a year and a few months. Last year, oh, she talked so much trash going into the playoffs, and then she talked even more when Derrick Rose got hurt. I was like, “Come on man.” (Laughs.) I couldn’t even say nothing after Derrick Rose got hurt.”

Demby is currently a model who has worked as a body double for Derrick Rose on two commercial shoots. He estimates he watched 30 Bulls games this season.




That first game was really scary to me (laughs), because they just did not show up. You got that from the Bulls at different parts of the season. More later in the season than the beginning, where they just didn’t show up and didn’t produce. And actually last night was almost like Game 1, and it was so scary! (Laughs.)

But basketball is a game of runs. I played ball in college, and it was true to that last night. Basketball is a game of runs. They came out slow, but they put it on them. They got a nice lead, and through the second and third quarter held a nice lead.

But, again, basketball is a game of runs (laughs). When the fourth quarter came around, I was like, “Oh man. Do not let this game get into overtime.” That’s all I was saying. I did not want to see the game go into overtime. It came close – they got it down to four, and then three points, and then down to two.

Where were you watching?

I was at my girlfriend’s house (laughs). She likes to watch “Scandal.” After halftime, around 9 pm, we were going back and forth, back and forth between that and the game. When it got to 10 [points], I was like, “Switch back.” And then it was down to 7 points. I was like, “Okay, no more back and forth. We gotta watch this (laughs). We gotta make sure they pull this off.”

It puts you on the edge of your seat. You’ve got your fingers crossed. You’re begging. Like, “Come on, please do not throw this game away. PLEASE do not throw this game away.”

I was at a bar with a buddy of mine, and we were dying in the fourth. Then Joakim goes to the line and --

…and misses the free throw! That was unbelievable. I was like, “Oh my God, are you serious? Are you really gonna do this to me? Are you really trying to send this game into overtime?” Man, I was a mess.

But they held on. The emotional roller coaster is amazing. That’s what you watch for in sports. You always want your team to win. And it’s always a good feeling when they do pull it out. Last night was definitely one of those feelings. It was like a relief (laughs).

I’m a die-hard Bulls fan. I’ve been a Bulls fan all my life. I was 10 when Jordan was doing his thing in the 90s. I’ve always been a true Chicago fan. I always root for them, even in the down years. Even when we first had Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry, I’ve always been a Bulls fan. And those were the bad years. I was still rooting for them. So emotional roller coasters are always going to be there in sports. But that’s what you watch it for.

And when the game ended, was it back to “Scandal”?

It was back to “Scandal.” (Laughs.) It was. She had to catch up on it. The game ended at 10, and “Scandal” ended at 10 too. She had to catch the last bits of it on DVR.




Jack M Silverstein is a sportswriter for RedEye. His work has also appeared in Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. Say hey @readjack.

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