Fan Cam: Bulls-Nets Game 2, Marcus Turner

Fan Cam: Bulls-Nets Game 2, Marcus Turner

BULLS FAN CAM, Game 2: Bulls 90, @ Nets 82
Marcus Turner, 28, Orland Park

Chosen by Christopher Cason

Bulls fan Marcus Turner in four words: detailed, informed, passionate, opinionated. Along with watching as many games per season as he can, the 28-year-old photographer habitually reads RealGM and keeps up with Blog-a-Bull, Chicago Bulls Confidential, and Pro Sports Daily. He has “an old Shoot The Bull shirt somewhere.”




Game 1, the Bulls were playing like it was a regular season game, while the Nets came out with more intensity. Game 2, I felt the Bulls came out definitely focused. They played with a lot more energy than I’ve seen in the regular season. It seems like they save that type of game for the Miami Heat. But they came out with real focus. People were attacking the basket. They were cutting hard to the basket, even though New Jersey[1] was trying to play physical and bump screeners and stuff like that.

I would say midway during the second quarter, we got away from doing what we need to do, which was giving the ball to Boozer. He showed up. He played like what his contract – what he was paid for. He was demanding attention. I felt like, Give it to him. Do the best we can to give him the ball.

I felt like Kirk Hinrich looking for his shot a lot more was pretty good for the team. Even though he runs the offense really well, when he’s shooting it, players definitely respect him…

Watching Nate Robinson, sometimes you don’t know what Nate you’re going to get: Good Nate or Bad Nate. (Laughs.) The energy he provides is almost like Joakim Noah, but he’s from the smaller, guard position. (Sighs.) Part of me wishes that him and Derrick got a chance to play together.

Rip Hamilton not playing, I thought that was a very good idea. (Laughs.) I’m not saying Rip is done, but against this team, in this series, Rip provides more minuses than pluses. He’s really terrible off the bench, doesn’t have energy as a starter anymore. It’s almost like, Is your career over? As a fan, I’m asking that question. He needs to figure it out.

Jimmy Butler, he definitely did a pretty good job at guarding Joe Johnson. I feel like Luol Deng generally does a better job though. But I felt that resting Luol Deng and letting him guard someone else – like Keith Bogans a few times and MarShon Brooks – was a good idea for Thibodeau. He likes to play both of them forty plus minutes, so he’s best playing the younger player…

My grandma used to say about the 90s Bulls, “I don’t feel good until they’re up 20, and I don’t worry until they’re down 20.” (Laughs.) How did you feel when they were pulling away in the third quarter?

For the Bulls, a 10-point lead is not safe for me. Especially being there back when they were up 40 against the Kings and lost. (Laughs.)

You were at that game?

No, but I definitely watched it all the way through. (Laughs.) Being up 40 and losing a basketball game? To me I feel like no lead is safe for the Bulls.

I would say this: even though Derrick Rose is not there, this is my favorite team because of how proud I’ve been of them for dealing with injuries and being able to win 45 games and make the playoffs. Credit goes to Thibodeau as far as figuring that out, and the players for being able to stick together and will themselves to some wins that, I would say the media probably wrote off as guaranteed losses.




Jack M Silverstein is a sportswriter for RedEye. His work has also appeared in Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. Say hey @readjack.

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[1] JACK NOTE: I did not correct Marcus when he said “New Jersey” and decided to leave it in the story (rather than writing “…even though [Brooklyn] was definitely trying…” or whatever). I made this error the day before the interview while talking with friends about the Nets. It is the nature of an ever-changing franchise landscape in both geography and team name, and thus seems appropriate to leave as is.

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