A Cubs essay featuring our own Jimmy Greenfield! And thoughts on the editing process...

Hey gang! As I said last week, Eye On Chi is all about my take on the Chicago journalism scene, but it's also my own experience navigating the Chicago journalism scene, and that's what today's post is about.

After six full months and ten full drafts, I have finally published my long-awaited (at least to me) Cubs essay, my ultimate statement on my current relationship with that dastardly bunch known as the Chicago Cubs. As I state in the video, this essay went through a LOT of changes -- just think: it's 3000 words and I left over 6000 words of unused material on the cutting room floor. (Or in a folder, or whatever.)

But with the help of an editor, a publisher, friends, and my own stubborn patience & persistence, I got there. Finishing this essay felt a lot like watching the Cubs in that respect: the end result isn't what I thought it would be when I started, but I learned a lot and I survived.

Shouts out to ChicagoSide for the support! I'm excited to hook up with them another time for a story. And a hello to our own Jimmy Greenfield, featured in the story, who when he read it today emailed me: "The Cubs will TOO win the World Series! Don’t say that!"

Thank goodness there are more Cubs fans out there like Jimmy than like me :)




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