EOC spotlight on: Scott Bolohan, RedEye

EOC spotlight on: Scott Bolohan, RedEye

Conjuring a song parody chorus is easy. Actually following through from opening lyric to chorus to bridge to close is much more difficult, but Scott Bolohan knocked it out of the park (put the biscuit in the basket?) in yesterday's RedEye.

Bolohan rewrote Jay-Z and Kanye's smash hit "Niggas In Paris" to rap the praises of Blackhawks phenom Andrew Shaw. Though I don't know, my guess is that the phrase "Shaw so hard" popped into Bolohan's head and he filled it out from there. However it happened, Bolohan's follow through on what could have easily been an obnoxious gimmick column is a brilliant bit of writing, encapsulating the totality of the Shaw phenomenon on the ice and on the web.

It also serves as a nifty primer for non-Hawks followers (such as myself) who'd been wondering what the hell this #shawfacts was all about. Bolohan's re-rap hits the highlights of the Shaw story: the call up, the goals, and the exaggerated instant mythologizing ("The Hawks could go 0-82 and he still in the Hall of Fame") that happens in sports, especially in the twitter age.

It's also a fitting choice for parody, since one can now say that Andrew Shaw is going to skate to one song and one song only.

And finally, meter and flow wise, it's a pretty good rap. For the most part, the syllables work. So the next question is, Which Chicago MC will recognize the marketing potential here and record this bad boy? On his twitter bio, Bolohan declares himself a "potential award-winning writer." Bet he never thought it'd be a Grammy.



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  • I was trying to come up with nicknames for Shaw and 'Shaw so hard' just popped in my head. You are lucky I didn't write, "Shawberry Fields Forever."

  • In reply to scottbolohan:

    Hang on to Shawberry Fields for the playoffs.

  • We still won that game. Go Flyers!!!

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