EOC spotlight on: Celebrate! Wicker Park/Bucktown

EOC spotlight on: Celebrate! Wicker Park/Bucktown

"This gets us into this whole subject of local first, back to what it was like when you had small towns, and small communities, where people mainly bought from their neighbors and delivered services to their neighbors... If you can’t communicate, you don’t have community."

--- Elaine Coorens, November 4, 2011

Alisa Houser of Chicago Pipeline and EOC favorite Elaine Coorens of Our Urban Times have pooled their efforts to create Celebrate! Wicker Park/Bucktown, a holiday print publication highlighting the community's businesses, heritage, and a whole lot more. Says Coorens: "Chicago Pipeline and Our Urban Times decided to collaborate and produce a printed, tangible publication in honor of and celebration of Wicker Park and Bucktown. The stories cover a range of topics about holiday giving, including when Wicker Park began in the 1800s through to the present, a report on the Bloomingdale Trail, and a tale about a spying bartender. Other stories cover information about other businesses and their owners."

Kudos to Alisa and Elaine for continuing their efforts to build community in WPB! You can find Celebrate! all around the neighborhood; I got mine at the W Grocer on North Ave.

--- JMS

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