EOC spotlight on: photographer Dmitry Gudkov, #OWS in NYC

EOC spotlight on: photographer Dmitry Gudkov, #OWS in NYC
17 November 2011, Occupy Wall Street Day of Action (Photo by Dmitry Gudkov)

Here at Eye On Chi, we salute not only journalists working in Chicago, but Chicagoans practicing journalism away from home. Thus an EOC shout out to Chicago's Dmitry Gudkov, now living and working in NYC. Dmitry and I were high school classmates; he was a burgeoning filmmaker and photographer then, and along with his very cool bike series as well as wedding work and other professional hires, it was great to flip over to his blog yesterday and see that he brought his lens to the protests in New York.

A picture is worth 1000 words, and I could certainly pen a compelling thousand on the above pic. Of all of the shots in his collection from the Nov. 17 Day of Action protest, this is my favorite. This young woman certainly does not look like the type who showed up ready to be arrested; her face is a melange of uncertainty and panic, while the officer seems burdened, unimpressed, professional, and exhausted.

That's my reading at least. There is such a beautiful nuance to good photography, always open for interpretation. Kudos to Dmitry and all other photographers painting the pictures for the rest of us.

--- @ReadJack

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