The Goose is NOT Loose: Social Media Report Card

Today I looked a little closer at the Goose Island Brewery and inevitably the dual locations they have that serve us food as well as brews. If you have not tried a Matilda or Sophie, please get to it as soon as possible.

Thumbs up

Interesting thing about Goose Island, they have three separate Twitter accounts each doing really well. The traditional branded handle, @GooseIsland serves as the general account, with the two very clever separately branded @GooseClybourn and@GooseWrigley. Each neighborhood account has a unique design on it's page to appropriately fit their location's vibe. I also like that they do contests, and talk to fans. Although @GooseIsland can cut down on their food porn. I'm starving.

Thumbs Down

While it makes sense for the seperate handles for the brewery, and two restaurant/bar locations it doesn't make a lot of sense for them to have multiple Facebook pages. You can't really customize the user experience to fit what your brand includes, and although clearly marked, and the pictures tell a different story on each page, I think they could reach a broader audience and update both location's without loosing patrons of the page.

All in all, great job. Good customer engagement and clever online marketing. I'll award a half hash tag for producing such good beer.

I give #### 1/2 hashtags

Katie Holland is a Social Media Supervisor for a really big international (different from Jen's) company out in the west suburbs of Chicago. Her claim to social media fame involves a mention in the bestseller Groundswell for a Twitter interaction in 2010, and serving as co-chair of the Social Customer Care subcommittee for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. She is also featured in Rebecca Black's video for Friday. (Okay, not really)


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