No More Taxes!

No More Taxes!

People keep asking me if I think Rahm is a good mayor. My answer to them, "only time will tell." The mayor is receiving some praise for his first budget.

"You might call it the Day of Reckoning — both for Chicago's new mayor, facing his stiffest test yet, and for the city itself after 10 red-ink-filled budgets in a row," Greg Hinz for Crain's Chicago. If you don't have the time to read through the 600 page full budget, Hinz's Blog is a good place to start.

Overall, it seems the aim is to reduce the city's structural cost of doing business, which includes fewer police stations, reducing public library operating hours, lay offs and plenty of new taxes.

Water Taxes will rise significantly over the next four years. We will also see hikes in parking downtown, hotel tax and a new tax on SUVs, to name a few. Sales tax and property tax will remain the same.

Dorothy Claybourne is a corporate business woman, entrepreneur, and independent artist working in Chicago.





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