More Taxes on Taxis

More Taxes on Taxis

Did you know I used to drive a cab?

I spent 6 months driving tourists to and from their downtown hotels. It may sound easy, but driving strangers around is a hard job, and with gas prices the way they are it doesn’t pay as well as it used to…

Did you know that the structure for the taxi system hasn’t been changed in over 20 years?  I found that out today while reading the Sun Time’s article on a possible fare hike.

Fran Spielman reports, “Chicago has the nation’s second-lowest big city taxicab fares and the highest gas prices based on an “out-of-whack” economic system that saddles the city with older vehicles and rewards cabbies for driving fast.”

I applaud the efforts of the city to create a more balanced system, but this reform sounds like code for more taxes on taxis if you ask me; “possibilities range from raising lease rates for the first time since the mid-1990’s and imposing a $1-per-ride surcharge.”


Dorothy Claybourne is a corporate business woman, entrepreneur, and independent artist working in Chicago.


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