McDonald's Television?

McDonald's Television?

Yes, you read correctly, Crain's Chicago reports McDonald's will be launching a new TV Channel for broadcast in its restaurants.

In other McDonald's related news, there is an initiative to makeover stores to look and feel more like coffee shops.

The idea that we can enjoy our Mickey D's meal in a cozy arm chair next to a fireplace while watching McDonald's TV and surfing wifi means that some of you will never leave.

The McDonald's Channel is set to launch in Southern and Central California and is expected to reach 18 million to 20 million people per month. If all goes well, the channel will be expanded nationwide.


Dorothy Claybourne is a corporate business woman, entrepreneur, and independent artist working in Chicago.


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  • There is a McDonalds in Hayward, WI that was made over to look like one of the North Woods' famous supper clubs -- wooden interior, big comfy chairs, and yes, a wood burning fire. The food, of course, still tastes like fake.

  • Does McTV come with a barf bag or a defilbulator?

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    I <3 your comment. Thank you for reading!

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