Social media report card: Katie and Jen? Grade us in the Downtown Dash!

Social media report card: Katie and Jen? Grade us in the Downtown Dash!

You were expecting a critique. We're sorry Chicago, not this week.

But before you give us a 'Fail Whale', know that it's so we can be even better. Because this week, we're stepping out from behind our laptops and onto the streets of Chicago to put our money, or in this case, tweets, where our mouths are.

In our first post, we put out the disclaimer that we are not the Yodas of social media. (Well, perhaps in height.) The term "expert" is not one we actively throw out, and we declared, that we too are always learning, refining, and adjusting.

And it wasn't just lip-service. We're walking the walk (actually, running it) this Saturday, September 10th in the ultimate social media-meets scavenger hunt-meets nerdified glory: the Downtown Dash.

Tomorrow, teams of two, smart phones in hand, hit downtown Chicago to check-in, twitpic, and retweet their way to social media glory. And no, Katie and I are NOT on the same team. *Cue dramatic music*.

In this corner, *swings heads to side* Jen is on a team with John "@Phampants" Pham who is no stranger to the digital based scavenger hunts, as he completed a similar competition last year. Skilled at running marathons, ultra-marathons and after the ice cream truck, their name #Runnerds reflects their best asset. They are a fast force to be reckoned with.

In this corner, *swings heads to other side* I am competing with Megan "@MOgulnick" Ogulnick on team McLovin. We share a mutual love for McDonalds, and if Grimace showed up on race day, I'm pretty sure he would be rooting for us. As the newbies, we have the great potential to be the wild card that brings it home.

May the best team win.

So Chicago, it's your turn to give us a grade. What are we doing right? What do we need to improve to dash our way to victory?

Check us (and all the social media big shots we're going up against) out here to follow all the tweeting showdowns and smack-talk.

Jen Healy is a Global Social Media Specialist for a really big international (go figure) company on the Northside of Chicago and is totally going to kick Katie's butt as 1/2 of Team #Runnerds. Her claim to social media fame involves a stint as the social media intern for the RedEye, America's Test Kitchen, and the title of “Top 10 World's Coolest Interns.” (Yes, it's real, and it's spectacular.)

Katie Holland is a Social Media Supervisor for a really big international (different from Jen's) company out in the west suburbs of Chicago. Her claim to social media fame involves a mention in the bestseller Groundswell for a Twitter interaction in 2010, and serving as co-chair of the Social Customer Care subcommittee for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. She is also featured in Rebecca Black's video for Friday. (Okay, not really)

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