NFL Week 3: Chicago's Bears-Packers coverage

NFL Week 3: Chicago's Bears-Packers coverage

Bear Down... literally. Yesterday's 17-27 loss to the defending champion Packers did not expose any new problems for these 2011 Chicago Bears, but it did deepen Chicago's appreciation of their current problems, of which there are several. A battered line leading to a battered quarterback. Dropped balls. Too many penalties. Struggles in the secondary. And on and on.

But we're not here to talk Bears! We're here to talk Bears coverage. We'll guide you to the experts -- they can do the talking.


We'll start with the Sun-Times and their usual bevy of beat writers: Sean Jensen's game summary, Neil Hayes on the struggles of the offensive line, Mark Potash on the Packers's exploitation of the Cover 2, and Andrew Seligman outlining the success of Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finley.

For columns, we have EOC favorite Rick Telander on the future of Aaron Rodgers v. Chicago Bears, and Rick Morrisey declaring "Bears have no clue how to start fixing offense."


Over at the Tribune, Brad Biggs, Fred Mitchell, and Vaughn McClure carry the load. Biggs writes about Lovie's disappointment with his team's ground game while also breaking down that incredible 4th quarter "fake punt return" that was frustratingly nullified by a hold on Corey Graham. Mitchell writes about the Bears' offensive "balancing act." And McClure highlights the outstanding performances by linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs.

Meanwhile, columnists David Haugh, Dan Pompei, and Steve Rosenbloom break down, respectively, the team's failure to embrace their "core tenets" of running, D, and special teams, the team's offensive failures, and -- wait for it -- the team's offensive failures.

Over at ESPN, we've got lots more Bears coverage for you to feast on, starting with Jeff Dickerson's "Five Things We Learned." Columnist Jon Greenberg asks of the offense's hardships, "Where to begin?" Mike Wilbon chimes in, ringing the "blame Angelo" bell. You can listen to Da Coach share his thoughts on the Mike and Mike Podcast, and you can chat with Dickerson and Michael Wright. Or jump to the ESPN Chicago Bears game center and browse from there.


But remember folks! It's not just the "big boys" who can give you spirited Bears coverage. Here at ChicagoNow, we've got:

Chicago Bears Huddle, Darren Doxey -- Screw Offensive Balance, Somebody GET OPEN!

Chicago Bears Huddle, Adam Oestmann -- Bears Out-Game Planned, Lose to Packers 27-17

Da Bears Blog, Jeff Hughes -- Saints, Packers Losses Prove Bears Not Among "September Elite"

The #4thPhase Blog, Bears STH -- #4thPhase Tweets: Packers outclass the Bears in all three phases


For more Bears coverage, options include Bleacher Report, the WaddleandSilvy twitter feed, and of course Dan Bernstein of CBS and The Score (and another EOC favorite) outlining his simple Bears diagnosis: "The Bears Have Bad Receivers."

Who are we missing? Please leave a comment and tell us! From the Trib and Sun-Times to the most independent of bloggers, it's all good. Go forth and enjoy thy reading!



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