EOC spotlight on: Mick Dumke & Kevin Warwick, Chicago Reader

EOC spotlight on: Mick Dumke & Kevin Warwick, Chicago Reader
Criminal Courts, by Mick Dumke and Kevin Warwick, from the 9-20-11 issue of the Reader. (Photos by Andrea Bauer)

What makes a great magazine feature? Sometimes one great story can fuel a single article. Sometimes, though, a reporter can pull a few parallel stories together and turn that into a great story. That is the approach behind "Criminal Courts," the latest cover story in the Reader. It comes from Kevin Warwick and our pal Mick Dumke, who found three different basketball courts in three different neighborhood parks -- Bronchot Billy Playlot in Uptown, Lincoln Park's Oz Park, and Metcalfe Park in Bronzeville -- and examined the circumstances behind their respective declines in basketball games. In Uptown, Alderman James Cappleman pulled the rims off the baskets in an effort to prevent gang activity. In Lincoln Park, Alderman Michele Smith has done the same. And in Bronzeville, the hoops remain but the courts are empty after a fatal August shooting scared away the basketballers. Give it a read -- fine work as always from the Reader.

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Mick Dumke, profiled in our People With Passion series.

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