Thoughts on the Interrupters: Is documentary filmmaking journalism?

Thoughts on the Interrupters: Is documentary filmmaking journalism?
Screen shot of The Interrupters, courtesy of Kartemquin Films

I saw The Interrupters Friday at the Gene Siskel Film Center, a powerful film that I am still turning over in my head. Among the many thoughts I had while watching it was: can documentary filmmaking be considered a form of journalism? I think so... And for now, I'm not even going to attempt to answer this any further. It's something I'll be thinking about this week, and when I have more of an answer, I'll be back here to discuss it.

It's an exciting week at Eye on Chi, starting with Christopher Cason's look back at the week in Chicago sportswriting, coming to you later today. His introductory piece on his love for sportswriting set the tone for his contributions to our site, and he's followed that up with an ode to Rick Telander and a look at the city's coverage of the NBA lockout and the Carlos Zambrano suspension.

Tomorrow, Dot Claybourne will be giving us more access to her business mind -- if you haven't seen her breakdowns on Chicago as a business destination, Lollapalooza, job searches, and Groupon, get on that!

Wednesday is the third in my series of Chicago journalism People with Passion interviews -- this week I'll be profiling the Reader's Mick Dumke. Check out these interviews with Rick Kogan and Mary Schmich of the Tribune, and a look back at an old interview with Alex Kotlowitz -- co-producer of The Interrupters -- with whom I am currently scheduling another interview.

Wednesday will also mark the debut of political journalist David Pavlik, who we are very excited to have on board, and on Thursday I will be covering the Chicago music journalism scene...

...but that's all just prologue to Friday and everybody's favorite social media e-words, Hollandersauce & Henjealy. These two are lighting up the Eye on Chi retweets with their Social Media Report Cards, which have already given us insight into the social mediations (yep.) of RamonWOW at Dominos Pizza and the almighty and ever-present Comcast.

Lots more coming from us! Including, of course, an answer to the question stated in this post's title. Thanks to everyone who has made this a wonderful first month at Eye on Chi.

-- Jack & Daniel


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  • Journalism tells me about a journey.

    Documentaries take me on a journey.

    (nice blog, here's mine on here - Chicago Chivalry)

  • Gwill - give us a link!

  • In reply to ReadJack:

    Hi Readjack

    My blog on here is called "Chicago Chivalry."

    Started a few weeks ago.

    It's just all about making people smile for a minute in their day.

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