Social media report card: Dominos' "WOW" factor

Social media report card: Dominos' "WOW" factor

The world of pizza delivery is not an under-served one. In Chicago, you can't turn a corner or page in the phone book without happening upon a place to get your pie fix. (Let's just pretend people still use the phone book.) So in a market where your product is anything but unique, how do you standout?

Two words: customer experience.

Domino's go-to marketing and social media guy in Chicago, Ramon De Leon makes it his job to not just satisfy the city’s cheesy and saucy cravings, but to create a positive and memorable experience for Dominos’ customers.

Below, what Ramon, and Dominos are doing right, and what we would like to see improve:

*Katie says*

Thumbs up

Ramon is a perfect example of how large, somewhat faceless corporations can utilize a personable local to represent them in a large market. If you're in Chicago and don't know who Ramon De Leon is, you either:

A. Don't like pizza (and are most likely shunned by your peers because of it)


B. Not on the Twitter

Thumbs down

While I appreciate the improvements Dominos made when it comes to the transparency of their business, I feel I would appreciate more community type managers in the major makers, and less commercials with paid actors staged as employees.

*Jen says*

Thumbs up

While I would not pass up a slice (or 4) of a Dominos' pie, let's be honest:  it is not a gourmet dish. The food itself is a quick, cheap fix for a pizza craving. A cagillion are ordered everyday (rough estimate) in Chicago. Twice as many on Friday night. Ramon differentiates himself and his product by going way above and beyond in fulfilling what is not generally an exciting event. Neither snow nor lake shall stay this pizza delivery man.

The use of the well-recognized #RamonWOW hashtag and the personal touch Ramon adds, not only with his online interactions, but deliveries, is business + social media at its best.

Thumbs down

There's not much to harp on where Ramon stands. However, I agree with Katie in the notion that the corporation as a whole could take a lesson or two from Ramon. (I have no doubt Dominos has entire teams working on bottling the magic he creates in Chicago and getting it out nationwide.)

The Verdict

We give Chicago's Ramon De Leon of Dominos 4 #s (hashtags) for his ability to create a unique and memorable experience out of an ordinary occurrence.

UPDATE!! RamonWOW responds!

Jen Healy is a Global Social Media Specialist for a really big international (go figure) company on the Northside of Chicago. Her claim to social media fame involves a stint as the social media intern for the RedEye, America's Test Kitchen, and the title of “Top 10 World's Coolest Interns.” (Yes, it's real, and it's spectacular.)

Katie Holland is a Social Media Supervisor for a really big international (different from Jen's) company out in the west suburbs of Chicago. Her claim to social media fame involves a mention in the bestseller Groundswell for a Twitter interaction in 2010, and serving as co-chair of the Social Customer Care subcommittee for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. She is also featured in Rebecca Black's video for Friday. (Okay, not really) 


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    Thank You very much for the analysis of my Social Media efforts. I have a video for you


  • Great piece (pizza joke) and a great response from the man himself!

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