How to find a job in Chicago

How to find a job in Chicago

As a young professional in Chicago working in both a big corporation, through Nestle Nespresso, and small business consulting on the indie music scene, I have acquired a pretty diverse social circle. Within that circle there is a common thread: everyone is looking for work.

The problem is very few are finding what they are looking for. I have one friend who recently quit his job at a big corporation because he was unhappy. He was so confident in his resume and interviewing ability that he wasn’t worried about re-entering the job search. Now, three months later he hasn’t found a new job, and he is receiving very few callbacks.

I have another friend that put himself through grad school hoping that would give him the edge he needed in the job market. Now that he has finished school, he still can’t find a job in his field.

Yet another friend, a baby boomer, has been trying to transition out of her job for at least two years and hasn’t found anything comparable to her current position on the market. And don’t even get me started on all the horror stories of friends who have been temping for two years, and others who are even worse off…

While the situation seems pretty bleak, there is some optimism in the market. NBC Chicago reports that hiring is up 1 percent. In trying to figure where these jobs are and how to get them, I turned to my favorite resource, The Chicago Examiner. The Examiner is an excellent resource for who is hiring and what they are looking for.

Here are a few articles I recommended to my friends to help in their search:

Do you have any tips to share? I am interested in hearing from you. What has helped in your job search? How long have you been searching? What are your biggest challenges in finding a new job?

Dorothy Claybourne is a corporate business woman, entrepreneur, and independent artist working in Chicago.

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