Your Next Book Club Pick: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

One night a month I ditch the kids and head to our neighborhood book club.  A few of the ladies in our group recommended Me Before You as something I could read over Christmas break.  Let’s just say that for the two days it took me to finish this novel, dishes went unwashed and the kids had to fish something to wear out of the dirty clothes pile.

It’s not  surprising that this book has already been optioned as a screenplay, and I’ve already got my dream cast in my head.

Louisa Clark is a twenty-something haunted by an attack years before that has left her wary of embracing life.  She has a reliable if predictable boyfriend who’s obsessed with fitness and triathlons.  When she loses her job at a cafe, she finds work caring for Will Traynor, a quadriplegic.  Before Will’s accident, he was a wealthy young businessman with a beautiful girlfriend and the means to pursue any adventure he chose.

As Will and Louisa slowly warm to each other, she uncovers a secret that changes their relationship and threatens to destroy the foundation they’ve created together.  The issues presented to the reader kept me up at night:  Is it possible to live life fully from a wheelchair?  What role do parents play if their adult child is severely disabled?

Will and Louisa will stay with you for a long time.  Have a box of tissues ready.

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