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Autism and disturbed sleep patterns = Grumpy Mamma

I’m running on empty. Not emotionally, but in terms of energy. Being a mum to two kids – a neurotypical one and one with autism, I should be used to sleep deprivation, but it’s been nearly five years since I had a teeny tiny baby that needed my attention throughout the night. Of course, there... Read more »

Breaking the rules: What do you do when you feel you're being forced to vaccinate your child?

The day a mother gives birth for the first time, is the day their life changes for good. In an ideal world, the general expectation is to be saying hello to a perfect, healthy new baby boy, or baby girl. Today I am talking about that ideal world. Let me reiterate. A perfect, healthy baby... Read more »

Autism and first times: the first day of school (again)

This week, the first day of things to come arrived, and I relinquished my control over one of the most important aspects of my life. On Wednesday, it was Mini Man’s first day of school. Again. Aside from five days in April, I have spent every waking moment with Mini Man since I removed him... Read more »

Autism parenting and friendships

Is it weird that I joined a moms club, but am not really interested in taking part in activities that the club organises during the children’s waking hours? Nope. Not to me anyway! Why? Because I joined a moms club, not a co-op crèche, or a kids club. Moms club. For moms who want to... Read more »

Autism and haircuts

There comes a time when a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Whether or not your child likes what that thing is, you just have to take the screams, and the tantrums while you try your best to avoid flying limbs, heads or ear splitting screams. So what did I do to Mini... Read more »

Autism, and jet lag

Good morning! Not that I can consider it as such. The time is merely 3:46 am, and I am up, listening to Mini Man babble as he plays. This is the third morning of early rising, and I can’t even joke that Mini Man is solar powered. It’s that early even the sun doesn’t want... Read more »

Flying with children is my super power.

Thanks to the previously long distance nature of my relationship with TH – I have become almost pro at flying with children. In fact; tomorrow’s flight will be the children’s fourth in just a little over two weeks! And eighth in two years. It has taken some planning and I guess I’m lucky – but... Read more »

Autism, and the redundant Tooth Fairy

Following in the theme of first times, we have recently entered a new milestone. It’s time to say goodbye to Mini Man’s milk teeth as they are gradually replaced by the new, stronger kind that will last him through his adult years. Wow, my little guy is growing up! I guess that means I will... Read more »

How to explain Autism to a child?

Unfortunately – for both you and I, this post is posed as a question rather than a solution. How do you explain something as complicated as autism to a child who’s attention has already wandered before you even start to answer? With difficulty, and lots of it. Mini Man is almost seven, and was diagnosed... Read more »