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Autism, and the redundant Tooth Fairy

Following in the theme of first times, we have recently entered a new milestone. It’s time to say goodbye to Mini Man’s milk teeth as they are gradually replaced by the new, stronger kind that will last him through his adult years. Wow, my little guy is growing up! I guess that means I will... Read more »

Autism and first times: talking

Ever since we received Mini Man’s Autism diagnosis three years ago, several things about the future have worried me. How will he do among his peers at school? How will he cope with necessary changes to our lives, and his structure? He took to the socialising aspect so easily, with his friends all looking out... Read more »

How to explain Autism to a child?

Unfortunately – for both you and I, this post is posed as a question rather than a solution. How do you explain something as complicated as autism to a child who’s attention has already wandered before you even start to answer? With difficulty, and lots of it. Mini Man is almost seven, and was diagnosed... Read more »