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I'm gonna get myself connected (eventually)

I have come through the fire. The burning heat of the desire to use the internet; check Facebook, Twitter, and to write a post was almost unbearable. What made the lack of internet for the past two days even more unbearable was the repeated question: ” Mummy, why doesn’t Netflix work yet?” Because the cable... Read more »

There are 59 pieces in...

There are 59 pieces in...
Mini Man’s bed. That doesn’t include all the As, Bs, Cs… and all the way up to M. The letter pieces are for the dowels, screws and screw-type things (I don’t know what they’re called – I’m female!) that hold the damn thing together. Or that WILL do, should we ever be done building it.... Read more »

Delivery drivers' play knock door run

It’s so exciting! We get the keys to our house tomorrow and can start moving in. The movers are coming on Monday and that will be our first night in our new home. We have bought Mini Man a new bed too which we are sure he will love. That’s if it isn’t ruined. When... Read more »