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Autism, and jet lag

Good morning! Not that I can consider it as such. The time is merely 3:46 am, and I am up, listening to Mini Man babble as he plays. This is the third morning of early rising, and I can’t even joke that Mini Man is solar powered. It’s that early even the sun doesn’t want... Read more »

Flying with children: the reality.

There is a first time for everything. Yes. There. Is. If you read my previous article: Flying with children is my super power – I’m sorry but I have to take it back. I’m clueless, have no iota of control of the situation, and my patience disintegrated shortly after take off. It’s our ninth time... Read more »

Flying with children is my super power.

Thanks to the previously long distance nature of my relationship with TH – I have become almost pro at flying with children. In fact; tomorrow’s flight will be the children’s fourth in just a little over two weeks! And eighth in two years. It has taken some planning and I guess I’m lucky – but... Read more »