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Being a stepfamily is like being a witch... An' it harm none, do what thou will.

  I’m harbouring a secret. One that many people who we meet every day doesn’t know, yet the guys and girls who consistently rifle through my life every time I pass through the British and American borders do. I’m a digamist. Yes, that IS legal Also known as a deuterogamist, please don’t go mistaking my... Read more »

Missing friends and family

Missing friends and family
Not so long ago all I ever wanted was so far away. It was within my reach, but far – in distance, and in time. For three years I coped, and struggled with being in a long distance relationship, after my now husband moved across the planet for his job. With the help of Skype,... Read more »

I open my mouth, and I sound just like my mother

When I was little – well, in my younger years, there was many things my mum used to say that were (I’m now learning) the typical parent thing to say. How have I learned this? Because now I find many of these sayings popping out of my own mouth. Yes – I sound just like... Read more »

Autism and haircuts

There comes a time when a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Whether or not your child likes what that thing is, you just have to take the screams, and the tantrums while you try your best to avoid flying limbs, heads or ear splitting screams. So what did I do to Mini... Read more »